There are different types of LED lights. Each of these serves a different purpose. This is why it is important to choose the best LED lights for specific situations. You would be amazed by the energy savings that you would make by investing in Resun Lights LED lights as they are truly the best out there.
There is a large variety of LED lights which can be used for retail stores and supermarkets but only a few which are the best. Depending on the ambiance that you are looking to create, this guide will help you find the best LED lights for retail stores and supermarkets. Normally, retail stores need bright and clean illumination as it helps boost sales. It is part of the customer experience.
LED Tubes- Ideal for Refrigeration
The most common lights that are found in a supermarket are fluorescent tube lighting which are energy wasting and prone to flickering as well as of poor quality. By switching to LED tubes, you can improve the carbon footprint of your supermarket and save up on energy by up to 80 percent and create a brighter lighted store. All of the Led Tubes by Resun Lights can be directly fitted into the existing fittings and operate without the need for external control gear. Up to 120Lm/W is delivered by the LED Tubers and they are rated for 50,000 hours. Since the LED Tubes are glass-free, they are ideal for the supermarket refrigeration aisle.
G5 LED Batten- For Elegant Supermarket
If you are aiming for a more elegant supermarket then the G5 LED Batten is the perfect fixture for you. It is glass-free and shatter-proof. The LED Batten has a silver and super sleek body which provides an impressive 110Lm/W and has a beam angle of 120 degrees for optimal lighting. Energy savings will be made by the installation of the G5 LED Batten which is quick to install as it takes under 10 minutes. It can be used for both external and internal application in a supermarket or store. There are also dimmable options that are available.
LED Batten Pack- Perfect for Bright Supermarkets
The LED Batten Pack is one of the latest innovations, which has been designed to provide high-performance. An impressive 130Lm/W is delivered and energy saving of up to 65 percent can be made. It even features a three-way color switching function that can easily switch to your desired color temperature. The supermarket ceilings and walls are perfect for placing it.
GX2 Linear LED High Bay – Great for Supermarket Warehouses
Warehouses have high ceilings which is why the GX2 Linear LED High Bay lights are perfect for the space. They allow for the space to be brightly illuminated and help ensure that everything is visible. This also helps boost productivity at the warehouse and reduces any chances of accidents due to lighting. The Linear LED High Bay lights make the most of the space and provide efficient lighting.

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