Advantages of UFO LED High Bay Lights

UFO LED High Bay Lights are illuminants that are of disc-shape, and look like a UFO from a sci-fi flick. This type of LED luminaire system consists of a flat-shaped integral aluminum housing that has optics adjusted particularly to optimize the distribution of light over a specific zone without the need for heavy reflectors.

What are the Benefits of UFO LED High Bay Lights?

These types of lights have plenty of advantages over incandescent or metal halide lights, fluorescent lights or even traditional LED lights.

Higher efficiency

High end LED lights of this type can offer 130 lumens for every watt, which makes them much more efficient as compared to any regular lamp. At present, these illuminants offer the best Lumen per Watt output at the best price in the industry.

Smaller size

These have a much smaller size than other substitutes that you might choose. You can get optimal bright light, and take the least amount of space to be installed. Today, the standard size of these lights is 120 degree – and these can work well enough from a height of 14 – 25 feet. Over this height, narrower beam angles are considered.

Wonderful thermal properties

The lights have amazing thermal properties. The aluminum casing of these illuminants also works as a heat sink and can easily deal with the heat that is generated by the lights.

No need for reflectors

LED lights are typically directional in nature. These need optics, which is generally the reflectors that are used for regular LED high bay illuminants – so as to satisfy the illuminant output patterns that are needed for plenty of applications. However, UFO LED high bay lights do not require any reflectors, which help reduce the amount of glare and can refocus light. The illuminants have an in-built angle of light which can immensely help focus and direct light in a much better way. Thus, you can order lights in 60 – 120 degree angles.

Longer lifespan

UFO LED high bay lights also last for a long time, with the LEDs installed in them lasting for as long as 100,000 hours. This ensures that you will not have to spend a lot on replacements or maintenance.

Cleaner illumination

These lights offer clear and clean illumination, whether you pick the pure white 5000K light or the warm white 3000K light. There are no annoying patterns, zebra stripes or flickering that can damage or irritate your eyes.

Better appearance

Typically, regular fixtures resemble the traditional MH (metal-halide) that are shaped like a luminaire and are designed furthermore with heavy and bulky heat sinks. The whole fixture appears clumsy and outdated, and also matches the modern architectural design quite well. Also, the larger amounts of thin-sized aluminum reflectors have to be separately packed with more caution at the time of shifting, which can increase the delivery expense even more. However, UFO LED high bay lights happen to be more efficient and compact as compared to regular LED fixtures. These have a better appearance, can last for more time and can be transported and set up more easily.

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