LED Plant Growing Light

1. Adopt high power Taiwan Epileds, Epistar or Sanan SMD3030 led chips as lighting source, and high transmittance lens for better lighting focus, thus plants can get more useful light source compare to other plant growing lamp based on the same power consumed.
2. High lumen or high power doesn’t mean high PAR output. Semledlight’s SMD LED growing light box Par output up to 1740 when hanging at 30cm height, which is much higher than other growing lamp in the market. This will help plants grow faster and increase yield in shorter time.
3. All Semledlight’s LED light adopt strong heat radiation system, user never need to worry about the light body heat radiation problems as the special heat sink design have increased 50% radiating area and the UL approved ultra low noise cooling fan ( for plant growing light bar and growing light box )can reduce the cooler temperature for 10-15 celsius degree, so that the growing lights lifespan can last even more longer.
4. Adopt modular design, no ballasts needed, easy to install, use and maintain; it is ideal for seedling, flower and vegetable stage.
5. Suitable for all kinds of vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs . Commonly used to help growth of orchids, roses, peppers chili, tomatoes, lettuce, kale, spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, parsley, cannabis etc either at indoor tents or outdoor greenhouses.
6.The light wave length can be tailored per customer’s specific usage and requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have customized plant growing lights order.

200W, 400W 2 pieces Cree COB chips indoor LED grow light

200W, 400W 2 pieces Cree COB chips indoor LED grow light from sale from China leading led grow light manufacturer , 100% Cree COB LED chips, 2 years warranty provided by our Lighting. These 200w 400w COB LED grow lights are designed to emit ideal spectrum of light for plant cultivation, offering maximum levels of Photosynthetically Active Radiation PAR output throughout the growing cycle of plants, so as to increase crops yield. If you have interests in our Cree chip LED grow light box, please don't hesitate to email us.

1600 watts LED plant grow lamp for indoor greenhouse flower and plant

1600 watts LED plant grow lamp for indoor greenhouse flower and plant, with the 1600w LED plant grow lamp, indoor flowers and plants can growing like under the sunshine. This 1600w led plant growing lamp fixture is developed with precision grade optics, perfect thermal management system, and the modular design which ensures growers to simply the usage, maintenance of growing lights, so the growing work can be easier.