• 1600 watts LED plant grow lamp for indoor greenhouse flower and plant

1600 watts LED plant grow lamp for indoor greenhouse flower and plant

1600 watts LED plant grow lamp for indoor greenhouse flower and plant, with the 1600w LED plant grow lamp, indoor flowers and plants can growing like under the sunshine. This 1600w led plant growing lamp fixture is developed with precision grade optics, perfect thermal management system, and the modular design which ensures growers to simply the usage, maintenance of growing lights, so the growing work can be easier.

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Rated Power: 1600 watts
Working Voltage: AC85-265V
Beam Angle: 70° ,  90° ,  120°
LED Chips: 16 pieces original Cree LED chips
Spectrum: 660nm, 640nm, 470nm, 440nm, 610nm, 525nm, 730nm, all spectrum
Power factor: >0.9
Saving energy: 50%
Life Span: > 50000 hours
Warranty: 2 years warranty
Dimension: 560x560x97mm
Net Weight: 16 KGS

 LED Grow light features

(1) Our energy-saving LED plant lights adhere to the concepts of efficient lighting, energy saving, environmental protection, for the cultivation of higher quality and high yield of plants;
(2) Our CREE series of LED plant growing lights with two years warranty, worry-free lighting usage with quality assurance;
(3) 50000 hours extra long life span, once installed, can be used for many years , our LED plant lights help you save labor costs, installation costs, lighting maintenance cost and many other costs;
(4) First class LED plant growth lighting chips, first-class raw materials, first-class production process, to create first-class LED growing light products, all products are CE, RoHS and FCC certifed;
(5) Cree’s LED growing light chip with ourpatent reflective cup, you can achieve the effect of sunlight and better light make up effect;
(6) Adopt computer CPU cooling design, to ensure that LED growing light LED chips working in the safe temperature efficently for long time.

 LED Grow light advantages

(1) CREE series LED plant growing lights using isolated power supply, automatic voltage and current protection to protect the chip and extend the service life;
(2) Full spectrum LED plant lights, bringing LED plant lighting industry technological innovation, its lights are most closest to the original sunlight;
(3) This style LED plant growth lamp uses the top radiator – sunflower style radiator;
(4) According to customers’ feedback, using our LED plant light, plant output increased by an average of 30%;
(5) Our patented cob plus reflective cup design, making LED plant lights efficient condenser, higher energy efficiency, more environmental friendly;
(6)Our CREE series LED plant lights using LED lighting chips original imported from CREE imports, with absolute quality assurance.