Now that we know what kind of solar lighting is available, let’s take a look at why you’ll need to choose solar power in your street lighting needs.

Let’s begin with price. If there are no energy lines nearby and solar power allows you to avoid an costly line extension, it could be an economical decision from day 1.

Even when there are energy lines available, you may find that solar is still the most attractive economic selection. Although solar lights are usually more expensive, they can lead to big savings over the long term.

How big?

Lockheed Martin wanted to change the streetlights at their Orlando facility so that they carried out a cost comparability between solar and AC powered fixtures. When new wiring and electricity costs were factored into the equation, the cost of the solar lights over twenty years was $342, 000 and the cost of conventional streetlights was $563, 000. This meant that solar street lights provided a savings of $221, 000!

After all, there are also environmental reasons to go with solar powered street lighting.

Smart grid solar street lighting is ideal if you want to stay connected to the electrical grid while also making an environmentally pleasant lighting selection. These lights are a kind of hybrid option that use power from the grid but also function a solar panel that captures sufficient energy from the solar to offset the facility the light uses at night time.

If you’re considering of going solar with your street lights there’s even a method you’ll be able to check out the lighting before you buy it. Sellers like International Inexperienced Energy provide a mobile solar lighting demonstration which extends the light as much as 26 feet so you’ll be able to choose the effectiveness of the lighting in actual world situations.

Environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient, and risk-free. Solar street lighting might just be a typical sight in the near future.

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