What is LED Track Light

LED track lighting is a very different and new type of lighting. The LED track lights are attached on a track device. The track device tends to consist of electrical conductors which power up the LED track lights. LED track lighting can be installed anywhere. On the walls, on the ceiling, on the corners, etc. It can be mounted anywhere where the track devices with electrical conductors run.

LED track lighting mainly has two parts. One is the track or ramp. The track contains the electrical conductors which hold the heads. It is also connected to a power supply. The tracks often run in a square ‘U’ or ‘H’ shape. Two copper strips are insulated inside the tracks which act as system conductors. These tracks are directly attached to the ceiling or wall and may come in either a straight line or a curved shape. Whichever type you fancy. The uniqueness of LED track lights is the fact that the heads of the lights can be mounted anywhere.

The heads on the LED track lighting are basically light holding fixtures.

How to Install LED Track Lighting

LED track lighting, as is obvious, can be customised according to the size a person needs. However, it is always suggested to hire a professional electrician. They have more knowledge in this field and it is  safer option to hire an electrician. The pieces and connection of the track lighting needs to be spliced as accurately as possible. Not splicing correctly can destroy the LED track lighting system. The conductors and the polarity of the LED track lighting needs to be kept the same as it is designed.

Choose the position where you want your LED track lighting installed. You will need to connect the LED track lighting to a power junction box or to an electrical outlet through a cord from the track. You can use a floating canopy conductor or live end conductor to connect the track to the junction box or any power outlet. Once you have connected the track to the electrical power supply, start connecting your LED lamps to the heads connected to the tracks. If you want more of an artsy look, you can connect special lenses to change the lighting colour of the light or the shape.

LED Track Lighting Application

LED track lighting system is very handy when installed in long halls and corridors. You can even mount it on a wall vertically or horizontally to compliment the colour of the walls or the pictures or paintings on them. LED track lighting looks even better in bathrooms. You can install it on the ceiling or near the sides of a vanity mirror. Even kitchens look sleek and modern with track lighting systems. Such lighting can also be used for commercial usage.

Where To Buy LED Track Lighting From

Track lighting is available very widely since LED lights are high in demand. You can buy them from online sites such as Amazon or Alibaba or even eBay. Many LED tracking light manufacturers have online shops as well.

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