high voltage led strip or low voltage led strip lights

LED strip lights are often used to outline the contours of various buildings, developing large-scale lighting patterns, all kinds of interior decoration, residential, home landscaping and other decorative lighting. According to the difference applications,there are two kinds of led strips:high voltage (AC110-230V) LED strip lights and low voltage (DC12/24V) LED strip lights, high voltage LED strip lights, also known as AC led strip lights while low voltage LED strip lights, also known as DC led strip lights,What is the difference between the two kinds of led strip? What should we choose when purchasing ?

1.consider from the security point: high voltage LED strip working under 220V or 110V AC current which are dangerous voltage, there are security risks in some applications; low voltage LED strip light is working under the DC 12V or 24V voltage which are safe voltage, can be used in a variety of occasions, without any danger to human body.

2.consider from the installation point: the high voltage LED strip light installation is relatively simple, you can directly drive with AC adaptor, generally factory will automaticlly configure everything for you, you just need to connect it to the 220V or 110V power supply,then it can work properly. The low voltage LED flexible strip need to power by DC power supply,during installation it is complex.

3.consider from the price point:the two kinds of LED strip lights price is almost the same, but measure from the overall cost it is not the same, because the high voltage LED strip only need a high voltage adaptor, generally one adaptor can drive 50-100 meters flexible led strips;and low voltage LED lights with external DC power supply, generally one DC power supply can only drive 5 meters of flexible led strip, if you install 100 meters flexible led strip, then you need 20 pcs DC power supply which is not cheap,so average low voltage LED strip installing costs will increase a lot, much higher than the high voltage LED strips. So general low voltage led strip cost much higher than high voltage led strip lights.

4.consider from the packaging:the packaging of high voltage LED strip lights and low voltage LED strip are also different, high voltage LED flexible strip light can generally packing in 50 to 100 meters per roll; low voltage LED strip lights packing maximum 5 to 10 meters per roll; more than 10 meters per roll, DC power supply attenuation will be very significant.

we can see from above analysis, high voltage and low voltage LED strip lights with their own advantages and disadvantages,users should choose according to their different using environment.

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