72w square led panel light

Modernizing the house or office with LED panel lights instead of traditional fluorescent ceiling lights is an easy and fast means to save lots of electricity cost. And, the bigger panels will distribute a brighter lighting environment and reduce maintenance cost as well as time.Below are the 8 major advantages of LED panel lights:

1. Flexible in design
LED panel lights make it possible to benefit from light distribution network. This makes it attainable for designers to create a kitchen or workplace format that takes full journey of the effects and shapes produced by the lights.

2. Super brightness
One major advantages of the LED panel light is the sealed design and high quality reflective panels which lead to a super brightness. What is more , the panels made with aluminum frame and lighting conductive plates can provide even better luminance.

3. Less heat dissipation
LEDs are well known for their ability to dissipate less heat which indicates it energy consumption is very low. With proper heat dissipation, little heat will be generated, that’s perfect for those house and office with limited space, that’s important especially in summer.

4. Long life span
Generally speaking, if well maintained,these led panel lights life span can reaches to 80,000 – 100,000 hours, this means these led panel lights have the potential to last up to 27 years if the lights are lighting 7-8 hours per day.

5. Lighting Adjustment
Most of the LED panel lights give the choice to regulate the strength of the light which means user can benefit from even soft, eye friendly mild light and avoid the cruel, unpleasant light at any time if needed.

6. Anti shock
These LED panel lights are built to be shock resistant and not easy to broken. Many of the lights are manufactured in a tough resin or aluminum frame and not glass. Plus, this design also helps to resolve high temperature issue.

7. Easty to control
User can control the led panel light with an external controller, which achieve many effects, such as changing the level of brightness and color temperature.

8. Eco friendly
Low consumption of the LED panel lights means they using an eco-friendly technology and may end up in a significant saving in electricity. And LED panel light cause minimal pollution throughout the manufacturing process. Also, there is no mercury contained in the LED panel light. A single led panel light output lumen is almost the same as using 6 fluorescent bulbs,which will able to lower down the high voltage requirements in house.

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