• 900 watts LED growth light for vegetative, flowering with 9 pcs COB chip

900 watts LED growth light for vegetative, flowering with 9 pcs COB chip

900 watts LED growth light for vegetative, flowering with 9 pcs Cree COB LED chips, with our patented lenses eliminate wasted light at grow bed edges, 3 years risk-free warranty since ex-factory. The patented design 900w LED grow light box is a powerful LED grow light with the lowest working temperature in this industry. The 9 pieces Cree COB LED chips deliver the most powerful and reliable, truly full-spectrum lights that plants needed under natural sunshine! With unprecedented PAR output, plants can grow faster, stronger, healthier with a optimized yields.

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Rated Power: 900 watts
Working Voltage: AC85-265V
Beam Angle: 70° ,  90° ,  110°
LED Chips: 9 pieces original Cree LED chips
Spectrum: Red, Blue, Orange, IR, UV
Power factor: >0.9
Saving energy: 50%
Life Span: > 50000 hours
Warranty: 2 years warranty
Dimension: 460x460x83.5mm
Net Weight: 10.5 KGS


High Luminous Efficiency by original Cree COB LED chipsHigh Luminous Efficiency by original Cree COB LED chips
Compared to normal SMD LED chips grow lights, our patented COB LEDs effectively improves the color uniformity and luminous efficiency, which makes it more powerful to help plants growing. Professional optical lens of our LED grow light enhances much the Par value, it makes the plant enjoy fastest growth, maximum yield.
Our superior LED Grow Light’s maximum temperature is as low as 45 degree with our unique sunflower style radiator ( which is supposed to be the best radiator for computer) , which ensures the LED grow lights always work in good condition with a long lifetime, it will definitely reduce your purchasing cost and using cost.
our LED grow light is more easy and convenient to use than normal LED grow light when it comes to parallel or series working model with several LED grow lights; For our LED grow lights, any user is able to replace any components within 60 seconds without any special experience needed, and we provide minimum two years warranty which ensures you peace of mind anytime.


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